Employee Spotlight


At Camelot, we like to say we are "Changing a Lifetime" for each child we serve.  Each day, more than 350 dedicated and driven staff meet the challenge of helping children realize their full potential.  They work in the community, in the homes of our families and in the schools our children attend.  They do this because they know that changing a lifetime for a child is a life changing event for themselves as well. 


Marcie Rosen is our spotlight employee from the Broward County Office.  Marcie has been a Life Coach in our Independent Living Program since 2009.  In her role, Marcie works with teens and young adults aging or about to age out of the foster care system.  Marcie communicates with other staff members very well and is liked by all. Marcie has the utmost compassion and caring for the young people on her caseload.  She is very dependable and her clients know that they can come to her for her honest opinion with the situations, good or bad, that they are in.  She gives of her time to help each one be succesful whether it is in school or life in general.  Marcie does this not expecting any accolades, gifts or quarrels. She’s confident, funny and has all of the qualities that you would want in a great employee!! 

Bryan Aicher is Camelot's Bradenton Office Employee of the Month.  Bryan has been a great addition to the Camelot team. He has been working with a difficult population, adolescent males, and has made great progress with them. Others in our foster care community have praised Bryan for the progress he has made with a couple of particularly difficult youth. Bryan is a therapist with a lot  compassion and a desire to promote growth within each client. He holds himself professionally at all times and is always willing to go above and beyond to help not only his clients but the team as a whole. Thank you Bryan for the great work and being a great team player.