You Can Make a Difference
in the Life of a Child…

Top 5 reasons to become a foster parent with Camelot:

  1. Foster children never forget their foster parents
  2. Seeing your foster child learn to trust again and knowing your love and support helped him/her do it
  3. Giving back to your community
  4. Giving love and getting it back from the child
  5. Knowing you help a child reach their fullest potential

If you are interested in opening your heart and your home to a foster child, becoming a foster parent with Camelot can be one of the most rewarding experiences for your family. Adults interested in becoming foster parents must meet certain requirements including:

  • Complete 30 hours of training (additional hours to be certified as a therapeutic foster parent)
  • Complete a self evaluation and home study
  • A health inspection of the home
  • Local, state, and federal background screenings
  • Florida Abuse Registry screening
  • Personal and employment reference checks
  • Other additional requirements

Camelot offers the following supports to our foster parents:

  • Stipend as determined by the type of foster home and level of child in the home
  • Paid respite days
  • Emergency on-call support
  • Participation in a Foster Parent Association
  • On-going training
  • On-going support from staff
Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care is a specialized program that works with foster children who have emotional and behavioral difficulties that require additional services and most of all, foster parents who have special talents, patience, and understanding of the needs of these remarkable children. While the children in this program have experienced difficulties in lower level homes, they are most in need of a loving a family that will be a rewarding experience for both the child and the foster parent.

Camelot's Therapeutic Foster Care program has several different levels and each child receives counseling and case management services while in the program. Therapeutic Foster Parents may receive an increased stipend and will work very closely with the child's counselor and therapeutic staff.

To learn more about becoming a Foster Parent with Camelot, email us at Please indicate the county which you live in when sending the email and a recruitment specialist will contact you. Interested Foster Parents may also call any of our locations to learn more about becoming a Foster Parent.