Adoption Support Program



Camelot has been an adoption provider for more than 10 years and has helped find forever families for more than 3,500 children during that time.  In Florida, the Community Based Care model has significantly increased the number of adoptions of children in foster care.  While support for families during the adoption process has improved, there is now a greater need for services and support post adoption.  We believe this new program will be a successful model that can be replicated in other communities.  As the program develops, we will be conducting surveys and research to determine the effectiveness of each service provided and reviewing the achievement of outcomes for the program. 

Camelot Community Care proudly announces the launch of a new Adoption Support Program in Hillsborough County, Florida.  This program is made possible through the support of generous donors, as well as funding from the Florida Legislature, forming a unique public/private partnership that supports adoptive families. 


Program Highlights

During the adoption process there is a great amount of support for the child and the adoptive family. This new program will provide ongoing support and resources after finalization, from adoption competent staff who understand the special circumstances adoptive children and families experience.


All too often the trauma a foster child experiences early in life, has not been resolved prior to being placed with their forever family. Our goal for this program is to provide timely, clinically effective services for both the child and the family to help overcome challenges that may arise, as well as bring adoptive families together to build a support network. This community based program will have experienced adoptive parents and children as leaders helping Camelot staff meet the needs of adoptive families. Services will be provided in the community and easily accessible for families.


Connect with our Program

The Adoption Support Program will offer the following services:

Community Based Support Groups - Geographically based adoptive parent support groups will be established throughout Hillsborough County.  Parents can access the support as often as they like and there is no time limit on participation. 

Adoption Competent Counseling Services - Therapeutic counseling from trained adoption competent counseling to help adoptive children with unaddressed trauma and behavioral issues.  Services can be provided in the home as well as through participation in group therapy.

Training Opportunities - Specialized training events will be offered throughout the year focused on adoption issues.

If you have adopted a child from the Hillsborough County Foster Care system, please click on the link below so we can connect with you.

Adoptive Parent Connection Form