As our Be A Champion Annual Appeal continues, Ms. Florence Maitland (passionately known as “Ms. Flo”) is proud to serve as this week’s Foster Parent “Champion”!  

A long time foster parent of 26 years, Ms. Flo believes she has a “calling” to provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids who have been removed from their home.  Initially, serving as a social worker, Ms. Flo disliked having to separate siblings.  In her eyes, that hurt more than anything.  That is one of the main reasons she decided to become a foster parent so that sibling groups could be kept together.  She found that separation from their parents was traumatic enough and all they really had was each other. In addition, she opens her home to instill self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and an opportunity to uplift them to become the individuals they were meant to be.  Ms. Flo also feels strongly that every child has a “gift” and that they should be given the chance to capitalize on it.  Long after the children she has fostered leave, it makes her feel good to know that she has made a long-standing impact on that child.  To this day, she continues to instill in them that someone cares and loves them with most of her “children” staying in contact with her on a regular basis.  That alone means the world to her!

Camelot Community Care’s Foster Care programs provide safe and loving homes for children who have experienced the trauma of abuse, neglect and separation from their family.  Camelot Foster Parents start the healing process for these children so they can feel safe, learn to trust again, and are able to realize their fullest potential.  According to Mrs. Flo, "it is truly rewarding to help a child become something that they were meant to be!  Through the support of Camelot, I am able to provide a nurturing and safe environment where the children feel love."  

Won’t you join us in our mission to “champion”  the work of Foster Parents who are everyday heroes in our community. 

Your donation of:

  • $15 – Provides a new stuffed animal for a child's first night in a Foster Home.
  • $35 - Provides school supplies for a child's first day of school.
  • $55 - Provides new clothes for children who often come into Foster Care without their belongings.  
  • $105 – Provides one week of counseling services for Foster Children to help adjust to being separated from their family.

Any donation large or small makes a difference in the lives of those who serve as a Foster Parent at Camelot Community Care!