Camelot is recruiting for Treatment Foster Parents in Miami Dade County


Who are Treatment Foster Parents

Treatment Foster Parents are special people., They possess the gift of love and shape the lives of our most precious resource, the children., They are part of a child's special journey of healing from traumatic effects of abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and when the time is right, they help the child find permanency with a family.

Treatment Foster Parents are a distinct group of parents, everyday heroes who:

  • Display compassion, concern and love to help mold a childs future
  • Gain a sense of satisfaction from helping children and families thrive and grow
  • Give back to their community
  • Collaborate with a team to help children find permanency


About children in Treatment Foster Care

The children served in our Treatment Foster Care program enter the foster care system through no fault of their own, they have often suffered physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect that has caused traumatic effects., As a result of their history of trauma, our Treatment Foster Care children display challenging behaviors that require therapeutic interventions.

While children in Treatment Foster Care are of all ages, many are older typically between the ages of 9-15.


Download our Treatment Foster Care brochure to learn more

Camelot Community Care Treatment Foster Parent Brochure


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