Behavioral Health Services



Treatment Foster Care

Camelot's Therapeutic Foster Care program recruits, trains, and licenses specially trained Therapeutic Foster Parents who care for foster children who exhibit behaviors that require a more structured environment along with therapeutic services. Camelot provides oversight, counseling, and therapeutic services to the children in the home and work with the Foster Parents to provide the best environment for these children. Therapeutic Foster Parents receive support from Camelot including training, respite, crisis on call, and a stipend to care for the children in their home.


In-Home/Outpatient Counseling

Camelot's In-Home Counseling Program provides counseling and psychiatric services to clients in their home, school or in the community. Our programs utilize several evidenced based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy, and others. The level of service provided to each client and/or their family is based upon the individual needs of the client.


Juvenile Justice Programs

Camelot provides behavioral health overlay services to Juvenile Justice Facilities as well as community based services as part of civil commitment programs and first time offender programs. These services aim to prevent further criminal/court involvement with a goal of maintaining the child in their community.


Assessment Services

Camelot staff can provide a comprehensive assessment to help a referral source or family determine what services are needed or to help determine the appropriate focus of treatment. Upon completion of the assessment, clients may be referred to a Camelot program or to another appropriate provider.


School Based Partial Hospitalization Program

Camelot's Partial Hospitalization program called New Directions, is based in several school districts in the Greater Cincinnati area.  New Directions is a structured, goal oriented program designed to motivate and encourage success by addressing behavioral problems that can potentially result in expulsions or suspensions. New Directions provides a high degree of collaboration with parents and teachers in teaching children and adolescents basic social skills, effective communication and anger management to help them succeed in school and their community.