Change a Lifetime


Each day Camelot serves over 5,000 children and families throughout Florida and Ohio.  Almost all of these families are experiencing the trauma of abuse and neglect, mental health issues as well as domestic violence.  When Camelot works with a family experiencing these issues, we are working to keep the children safe and to keep these families together.  


By keeping families together, we are changing a lifetime for the children and the family and helping them towards a brighter future.


You can support Camelot in helpin children and families realize their fullest potential.  Whether you give your time, your talent, or your treasure, your gifts to Camelot have a significant impact on the lives of children in your community.  


State and Federal funding received by Camelot does not meet all of the needs of the families Camelot serving.  Support from donors is essential in our efforts to keep children safely with their families.


There are several ways you can support Camelot


Donate on-line

Make a safe donation via credit card by clicking here


Donate by Mail

If you would like to make a donation via mail, please mail your check made out to Camelot Community Care to:

Camelot Community Care

4910-D Creeside Drive

Clearwarter, Fl. 33760

Attn: Development Director


In-Kind and Material Donations

We are always accepting in-kind donations to support our programsa and families.  Please visit our wishlist page by clicking here.