Employee Spotlight


At Camelot, we like to say we are "Changing a Lifetime" for each child we serve.  Each day, more than 350 dedicated and driven staff meet the challenge of helping children realize their full potential.  They work in the community, in the homes of our families and in the schools our children attend.  They do this because they know that changing a lifetime for a child is a life changing event for themselves as well. 


TThis month we are spotlighting Debbie Soares, Camelot's Clinical Director in Palm Beach, Florida.   Staff from the program had this to say about Debbie:  "Debbie is a great leader who has the unusual ability to manage complex systems from a caring, genuine, and highly clinical perspective.  She has the patience and passion necessary to have others realize that they are supported and valued.  She keeps her cool during highly stressful situations, allowing others around her to know she can be trusted to manage and resolve any conflict or crisis."