Strengthening Those Who Care

Camelot Community Care is the largest Treatment Foster Care provider in Florida with more than 175 Treatment Foster Families caring for almost 300 foster children.  Children in Treatment Foster Care have experienced the trauma of abuse and neglect but the emotional scars they have require more attention and care to properly heal.  Treatment Foster Parents are specially trained to provide the higher level of care these children need.  Treatment Foster Parents also partner with a Camelot therapist and together they develop a plan to help the child function successfully in the family, school and community. 

With the national crisis occurring from the opioid epidemic and an increasing rate of child abuse occurring in our communities, the need to equip our Treatment Foster Families with stronger skills to treat the children they care for is greater than ever.

Through a grant from The Child Welfare Specialty Plan Reinvestment Fund, which is a partnership of Sunshine Health, Community Based Care Integrated Health, and Envolve, Camelot will be training all Treatment Foster Parents and Therapist in an evidenced based model of care named “Together Facing the Challenge.  This model provides a structured model of interventions and goals for the children in Treatment Foster Care and provides effective tools for Foster Parents to address the behaviors these children exhibit. 

As part of Camelot’s responsibility to the children in our community, we recognized that we need to strengthen the very people we ask to care for children who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect.  Treatment Foster Parents have an almost unlimited ability to care for the children placed in their home, and soon they will have better knowledge to help end the cycle of abuse that occurs in the children and thus in their community.  

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