Mission, Vision and Values



Camelot Community Care's mission is to develop and provide services which enable children and families to realize their full potential.

Our Vision

We will excel in providing the highest quality of services that are community based, family centered, and highly effective.

Pictured: Gary Yates, Recruitment & Licensing Supervisor, Palm Beach

Pictured: Myles Flynn, Foster Home Recruitment & Licensing Specialist, Stuart, Fl.

Our Values

Safety: The safety of children will be of the highest importance.

Ethical: We will maintain the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our company

Responsible: We take full responsibility for the work we do. Children succeed because we succeed.

Commitment: We will never waiver in our commitment to being the best. Our best practice is excellence.

Resourceful: We will be vigilant stewards of the funds we receive and honor the trust the families we serve put in us. We will strive to obtain the needed resources to effectively serve our children and families.

Leadership: We will be leaders in our communities and advocate for the betterment of children.

Culturally Competent and Respectful Practice: Culturally competent services will be delivered in a manner that respects individual and family needs, cultural differences, and special issues.