There are children of all ages waiting to be adopted and find their forever family.  At Camelot Community Care,  our primary goal is to ensure that every adoption gives each child a permanent, loving family for life. Our experienced, professional staff work to find the right match between you and a child,  provide continuous guidance throughout the adoption process and assist in the management of the legal process. To date, our adoption team has assisted with finalizing thousands of adoptions throughout the state.




If you are ready to begin the process of exploring adoption, please complete the Adoption Inquiry Form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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To see a list of children that are currently available and waiting for their "forever" family please visit the links below: 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Attend Orientation. Orientation is a free one to two hour session that allows you a chance to meet and talk with an experienced Adoption Support Specialists that will provide an overview of the entire adoption process from start to finish.

You will attend one of two classes: Parent Resources, Information, Development and Education (PRIDE) or Model Approach to Positive Parenting (MAPP). Depending on the county you live in, either MAPP or PRIDE is required.  Upon conclusion of class, the next step is having a home study written. A home study allows us to ensure that  you can provide a child with a safe and secure home. Background checks will be conducted on all adults living in the household.

Typically, adoption is processed at little or no cost to the adoptive family. PRIDE and/or MAPP training as well as the home study are typically free of charge. Finalizing your adoption is managed through your respective Community Based Care agency. Your local adoption recruiter is best equipped to answer any questions regarding fees that could be associated with the adoption.

Depending on the age range of the child you are interested in often determines how long a family waits. Generally, children most readily available for adoption are children seven or older  and/or part of a sibling group. Once you are matched to a child, the process to integrate the child into your home takes eight to twelve months.

Yes, single and married couples may adopt. No parenting experience is required for you to adopt.

No. You may rent or own.

Yes, children adopted in Florida receive subsidy payments for children who are designated as having special needs. Medical coverage is available until the child is twenty six years old. Children adopted from the foster care system are also eligible for a four year tuition waiver to attend a Florida State University, Florida State Community College or Technical School of their choosing.

Yes, this form of adoption is very secure.  Children in the  Florida foster care system are not eligible to be placed for adoption until a court has already terminated the parental right of their birth parents allowing us to move forward with a secure, legal adoption of the child or children to their forever home.