How My Son Graduating High School Taught Me Important Business Lessons

Camelot Board member Tammy Curtis discusses how her experience as an adoptive parent and her son's high school graduation taught her important business lessons.

Strengthening Those Who Care

Camelot Community Care is the largest Treatment Foster Care provider in Florida with more than 175 Treatment Foster Families caring for almost 300 foster children.  Children in Treatment Foster Care have experienced the trauma of abuse and neglect but the emotional scars they have require more

Tampa Back to School Bash

Camelot's Tampa Treatment Foster Care Program held their annual Back to School Bash on August 2nd for all of the children and foster families in their program to celebrate the end of summer, and to get ready for the return to school.  Mad Science of Tampa Bay provided a hands-on and exciting

Growing Together for Change

The youth and staff from the Pasco Regional Detention Center are starting up an aquaponics garden at their facility that will not only teach our youth how to cultivate and nurture the garden, but to provide fresh vegetables that will be used in meals at the facility. The garden is being put

Bradenton Foster Care Training Classes to Start in September

Camelot's Bradenton Treatment Foster Care program will begin a new training class to become Treatment Foster Parent.  These classes will provide an overview of the child welfare and foster care systems and will inform parents on the processes and rules required when caring for a foster child.