Camelot Community Care has the following volunteer opportunities available

Job Shadowing

Camelot's Independent Living Programs are looking for local employers to provide job shadowing opportunities for teens and young adults in the foster care system.  Opening your business to allow teens to learn more about the responsibilities of employment and the opportunities for them in the workplace will help encourage and motivate them to remain in school and graduate.  To learn more, please contact Lauren Oliver at lcastro@camelotcommunitycare.org

Speaker Series

Invite Camelot leadership to speak at local civic and community organizations.  Topics include community services, local needs as well as specific topics on child welfare and behavioral health issues in the community.  For more information, please contract Lauren Oliver at loliver@camelotcommunitycare.org.  


Volunteer Child Care

Our Hillsborough County Adoption Support program is growing quickly. We have a new volunteer opportunity to help with childcare during parent support groups. Interested volunteers should contact Krista Eckhoff at keckhoff@camelotcommunitycare.org. Volunteers will need to pass a thorough background screening and will work closely with the Adoption Program Staff.