The Camelot Time Line

Camelot Community Care was founded in 1999, but our history goes back much further. Prior to 1999, the company operated as Camelot Care Centers under a different corporate structure and leadership. When telling the history of Camelot, the timeline of both companies is combined. For almost 40 years, Camelot has been providing quality services to children and families as we look to achieve our mission of helping children realize their full potential.

1973 – 1999 Camelot Care Centers was founded by Dr. James Spicer providing residential treatment services in Illinois and later expanding to Tennessee and Florida. The company was named Camelot as a tribute to the possibility of human achievement. After 25 years of building Camelot Care Centers to become a quality national provider, Dr. Spicer transitioned into retirement, later selling the company to a new ownership group based in Nashville, Tennessee.

1999 To better meet the needs of the communities we serve, Camelot Community Care is formed as a non-profit organization in the State of Florida and assumes the Florida programs formerly provided by Camelot Care Centers. Subsequent to assuming Camelot Care Centers' operations in Florida, Camelot Community Care took over services in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio from Camelot Care Centers.

2000 After just one 1 year of operations, Camelot Community Care achieves 4.2 million in total funding.

2001 Camelot's Board of Directors makes the strategic decision to become a leader in Florida's new child welfare community based care initiative.

2003 Camelot Community Care is awarded a contract to be the lead agency for child welfare services in Charlotte, Lee, Hendry, Glades and Collier Counties, Florida. This contract was worth $18,000,000, and is the largest contract in the company's history.

2004 Camelot Community Care expands its child welfare programs by being awarded case management contracts in three areas of Florida; Hillsborough County, Marion County and the Florida Panhandle.

2005 Camelot's commitment to quality and excellence is recognized through becoming accredited by The Council on Accreditation (C.O.A.)

2005 Camelot's Hillsborough County adoption program finalized over 300 adoptions. The highest amount ever recorded in the county.

2005 Camelot Community Care begins providing foster care services in Texas.

2006 Camelot Community Care begins providing Juvenile Justice services after being awarded several contracts to provide behavioral health services in Juvenile Detention Centers throughout the Tampa Bay area.

2006 Camelot finalizes over 360 adoptions in Hillsborough County, Florida.

2007 Camelot's Hillsborough County Adoptions program finalizes over 400 adoptions.

2008 As part of an initiative to improve the financial condition of Camelot Community Care, the Board of Directors authorizes the sale of the company's assets in Illinois and Indiana. As a result of the sale, the company eliminates all long term debt and improves its cash position.

2009 Camelot Community Care is re-accredited by The Council on Accreditation.

2009 Camelot Community expands its child welfare programs into the Gainesville, Fl. region.

2009 Camelot Community Care opens its first programs in Jacksonville, Fl.

2009 Camelot Community Care opens its first Partial Hospitalization program in Cincinnati, Oh.

2017 Camelot Community Care begins providing Juvenile Justice services in Virginia.

Today, Camelot Community Care serves over 5,000 children and families every day. Our highly committed staff of 400 professionals serve as leaders in their field and advocate for the improvement of services to children in our communities.